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Real FASTMASK Stories

Here below, you can find some feedbacks coming from the real end users of FASTMASK (Painters & Body Shop Owners / Managers) we called “Real FASTMASK Stories”:


Equipment & training is a smart initiative and an investment to become a superior centre quality services.

Basic requirements for the excellence in the work are; equipment, operation and training required to perform collision & painting repairs using up-to-date techniques in a safe and efficient manner.

The evolution of new technologies force to the technicians to update its knowledge thanks to trainings supported by manufacturers and franchise’s head office.

The best & innovative equipment should be facilitated to the staff and use it to save time in any collision repair & painting process, increase the productivity & profitability of the business and avoid unnecessary double tasks.

Staff, with the appropriate training of these tools, will improve their performance and will affect directly to productivity & efficiency of the centre and its customer satisfaction.

FASTMASK facilitate the masking process for the primer & painting process of the vehicles:

  • 2 Times faster than other masking products: save time and money. FASTMASK is the fastest.
  • You can mask more vehicles that you currently are masking. Better productivity.
  • You will increase the profit of your business because you are optimizing your labor costs.
  • You will increase the customer satisfaction giving the vehicles faster than now.
  • Is a ecofriendly product, its waste is smaller comparing with paper. FASTMASK saves a massive amount of wasted material according with the country environmental requirements.

Here below are some comparisons of masking for three different panels (door, bonnet and vehicle side) with Craft paper for primer process around the panel and sheeting for painting process covering the entire vehicle or FASTMASK for the two processes:

Cost of each work was made in Canadian dollars.




MASK4PAINT was present last September in the EXPO VENTES 2016 exhibition organized by  UNI SELECT (the number 1 Canadian distributor of automotive parts and Paint &  Body Equipment) in the town of Drummondville in the province of Quebec – Canada.

UNI SELECT organizes this annual event to showcase all its members, associates, own shops, jobbers and distributors all the news about paint tools and equipment of the best international manufacturers.

According with the agreement of FASTMASK distribution in Canada through UNI SELECT, MASK4PAINT had its “FASTMASK booth” where big quantity of FASTMASK product demonstrations were done.

FASTMASK booth, was one of the most visited booth in the Fair, taking at certain times, more than 20 visitors attentive to the explanations of the FASTMASK commercial agents.









MORELLI GROUP together with MASK4PAINT Company (FASTMASK brand producer) in the UK Exhibition 2015

MORELLI GROUP (FASTMASK Official Distributor in UK) was present into the UK Exhibition 2015 fair with a stand presenting some of their automotive services and products.

MASK4PAINT Company was presented with their pre-taped masking film FASTMASK performing trainings and product demonstrations to see FASTMASK in action to the main MORELLI customers.

Thanks to the Moring family, Andy and the rest of the staff ¡¡