Mask4Paint is an european company based in Barcelona ​​who is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of fastmask, the pre-taped masking film for the vehicle painting process.

We created our products twenty years ago, and we have commercialized them in the european market under different brand names: Adesat, Rapid Mask-Covea, Marvel, Due-Mari, and several more with our customer’s “own-brand”.

Now we’ve created ‘fastmask’ our brand name for the USA market. 

Our commitment to quality is not only limited to satisfy our customers, also we believe in full social responsibility, that’s why our products are manufactured with the utmost respect for the environment and are fully recyclable.

Back in 1968, when I was a professional painter in a family-owned workshop that over time I ended up running, I detected the need to make the masking process, the step that comes before painting any part of a vehicle, easier and less time-consuming.

After several trials with different materials, I came to the conclusion that plastic was undoubtedly the most effective. But what should the process for using this product be like? Three points were clear to me: the paint had to stick to the plasticthe plastic couldn’t slide or come off when the paint was being applied; the plastic had be to able to be cut easily without using any tools; and it had to come in different sizes to be able to mask only the parts that were absolutely necessary, in order to be more efficient and reduce the time and costs of the process.

After a long time testing the product in the laboratory and overcoming one difficulty after another, by 1985 I had perfected the masking process. At this point I only needed the necessary machinery, since there was no technology on the market that could pair the adhesive tape with the plastic. So I got to work and started designing the machine myself. Little by little, everything started taking shape, and I gradually perfected the machine and the process until I had before my very eyes the product that we currently offer.

As of today, even though there are similar products on the market, none of them has managed to combine all of the features that make FASTMASK the quintessential masking process.

In 1993 I decided to leave the professional painting world and to put my product to the test. So I started marketing it, a task that turned out to be pretty hard, given that in those times it was very complicated to change the mentality and the traditional way of working. It was then that I decided to expand the marketing of the product beyond our borders, to countries like France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, etc.

Then we started displaying our product at international automotive fairs like the National Automobile Fairs of Barcelona (Spain), Frankfurt and Munich (Germany), Bologna (Italy), Paris (France), and the most recent fair we attended, in 2012, in Geneva (Switzerland). We have also exhibited different brands of paint, such as Basf Coating, Glasulit, Izi-NexaAutocolor, and Sikkens in Spain, and in the factories of PPG, RM, MaxMeyer, and DuPont in Italy.

We have also helped promote professional training schools in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Belgium. Additionally, in 1994 and 1995, our product began to be used in Mercedes Benz’s factories in Vitoria (Spain), in Renault’s in Valladolid and Palencia (Spain), and in Fiat’s in Sicily (Italy), among others.

In 2001, our product was approved and published by Cesvimap, Fundación Mapfre in Ávila (Spain), and that year (2012) it was approved by Cesvimap Colombia. We are currently preparing the official launch with distributors in that country.

Another sector in which we believe our product would be very useful is with airline companies. For that reason, we have contacted Air Bus in Toulousse (France), Alitalia in Naples (Italy), and Iberia in Madrid and Sevilla (Spain), as well as the aerospace division of CASA in Madrid (Spain).

Our journey and the results we have achieved encourage us to continue expanding our product, which we consider to be effective in reducing time and costs. Allow us to introduce ourselves and decide for yourself if you can depend on us. We look forward to working with you.

M. Barba